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TMT Turkish Mod 0.1 BETA
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Turkish Mod Team's Turkish Army Mod now released. Now the mod is beta and version is 0.1. Soon we will finish stable versions. This is BETA version and most of problems also known. But if you see any bug and problem please share this in our web site. In next versions most of bug will be fixed and you can play with stable versions. With new version you will play with new vehicle, units, weapons and equipments.

Please follow our works.

In this version you can play with;
HK33, G3A4 and Mg3 weaopons. Any you can also use these weapons with zf scope, T40 grenade launcher, leupold scope, Aselsan Piton TWS scope, Aselsan A340 Nightvision scope.
Turkish Army BTR 60 and unimog truck varieties.
S-70 helicopter varieties, Mh60k, Ah1W cobra helicopters.
Blue berets, red berets, JOH, Turkish Army Infantry, SAT security, SAT comando units.

Download Links

Mirror 1 :


Mirror 2 :


Mirror 3 :


Mirror 4 :


This mod belong to Turkish Mod Team. No body can use this mod if Turkish Mod Team management not allow. Every rights of mod beloging to Turkish mod team management. And every decision are beloging to Mehmet Tozlu(SWAT.TR) and OnlyGokhan. Mod editing files cannot be use without our permission.

This mod requires Arma 2 Combined Operations or Arma 2 + Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead.


Drop all of files to Arma 2 main folder.

For example, default Arma 2 location :

C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2


After you drop the files you will see tmtLaunch.bat. Click it and play.


We shared 2 singleplayer 1 multiplayer missions. You will see these in game. You can start singleplayer missions in Singeplayer->Scenerios menu. Missions, that have [TMT] tag, is this mod's missions.

Some missions converted from Multiplayer missions. Because of that you can encounter with some problems. This is beta mod and it can be possible and other problem is missions are Turkish. next versions you will be play with Engilish versions also. We are sorry for that but this is temprory situation. Please wait stable versions. Please follow our web site for new missions.


onlygokhan - 3D modelling, texture, O2 developer, Config, Mission ve Script editor
SWAT.TR - Texture, O2 developer
Mehmet06 - 3D modelling, texture, O2 developer
TSK123 - 3D modelling, map creator
ozgur34 - 3D modelling
Kadir .. - 3D modelling
Evrenos - Referance finder
Sonic - Communucation support
Ghostrider - Communucation support
Hellsing - Contributor, Turkish language adder
Vatan Doğukan - Millitary advisor
Türker Erten - 3D modelling contributor

Special Thanks to
Pr community
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